The Hardware Market

The Nigerian Hardware Market is currently estimated at 80 billion Naira and growing a 12% per annum

The Software Industry

As at 2012 the NIgeria software demand has been estimated to be upto 110 bilion naira and is growing

Office Structure

The ONC will function as a program SPV only and will consist of a program and communications desk


ONC will provide quaterly reports and annual performance reports to DG of NITDA and Minister of Communication

Advisory Board

The ONC is supported by a network of experts as an advisory board with input from the Minister of Communication


The primary source of funds of ONC is NITDA and its secondary source include NORAD, DFID, SEDF

Why ONC?

For the Nigerian Content Guidelines to translate to value for the country, the provisions and requirements of the guidelines need to be closely adhered to and executed.
The responsibility for compliance must sit with an agency with the authority to execute and administer the Nigerian content guidelines. The National Information Technology Development Agency of Nigeria’s (NITDA) will serve this purpose
The Governance Framework for the implementation of the Guidelines for Nigerian Content Development in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is intended to serve as NITDA’s guiding principles on Local Content Development governance
All the identified stakeholders in the guideline document must be held responsible and made to comply with all their duties. For this to happen, compliance and enforcement are key and it is essential for an appropriate governance and compliance framework to be instituted for this purpose

Brief Statistics

Nigerian OEMS share of Hardware Market - 10%
Growth in Software Demand - 12%
Adult Owned Mobile Phones - 64.7%
Data Connected Phones - 12.7%

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